2. Music Festival Grisons Baroque – Grand Tour Grisons 26. July–10. August 2019

15 multi-faceted baroque concerts on a tour of 303 Km (equals 188 Miles) across the canton of Grisons in Switzerland

From the 26th of July to the 10th of August 2019, the Grisons Baroque Music Festival will take place in Grisons for the second time.

Under the artistic direction of the award-winning young conductor, harpsichordist and organist Johanna Soller, 15 days of multi-faceted baroque concerts will take place, ranging from small chamber music to a festive opening and closing concert.

As an innovative guideline, the festival relies on the collective music of the young baroque music elite.

Be cordially welcome and look forward to refreshingly interpreted Baroque music in beautiful scenery across the canton of Grisons.

After each concert, a cocktail with the artists will take place exclusively for the listeners in order to personally meet friends of the Baroque and the Grisons region.

Stages for these concerts are various Engadin houses, numerous baroque churches in Grisons, a castle in the Engadin and a winery in Grisons Lordship. Details here.

Admission free - collection

26th July–10th August 2019

Masterclass "Baroque Cello"

From the 3rd to the 8th of August 2019 the 1st masterclass "Baroque Cello" will take place in Guarda embedded in the 2nd Music Festival Grisons Baroque. Every day, public lessons take place over several hours. This provides listeners the opportunity to peer into the rooms of traditional Engadin houses and enjoy the lessons of highly qualified students led by an exquisite lecturer.

B Minor Mass by J.S. Bach in 2020

The 3rd Music Festival Grisons Baroque in Grisons (Grand Tour 31st July - 14th August 2020) will be the crowning final concert of the
B Minor Mass by J. S. Bach performed in the restored monastery church of Disentis. Date is Friday, August 14, 2020, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

B Minor Mass by J. S. Bach in 2020 in the restored monastery church of Disentis

Impressions of Listeners 2018

"We are visiting from the UK for the first time to Guarda." A very nice surprise to discover the Baroque festival. "A privilege in such a beautiful setting."
(The Aylott family)

"Wonderful, unique ...
... with harpsichord at its best. "
(Werner and Edith)

"We are thrilled! Wonderful music, skillfully performed on this
wonderful place. Very sympathetic, thank you! "
(Doris and Robert)

"What a blessing that the Baroque Festival falls into our holiday season! Today we heard the fourth concert, as the other times it was a special end to the day. We look forward to the sequel."
(Regina and Markus)

"We had three wonderful concerts in Guarda, just wonderful!"
(Daniela and Werner)

"Thank you for this wonderful evening in a unique atmosphere."
(Maja and Jean Claude)